Exposition about women employees at Hoogovens

foto op voorblad van het vrouwenboek

photo on the front page of the women workers book

The book “women workers” at Hoogovens contains nearly 50 stories of former women employees of Hoogovens/Corus/Tata. The book was presented to the authors on 13th of december 2016. At the same time an exhibition dedicated to this book was opened in the museum. The book, printed on A3, is on display in the exibition, together with a number of photo’s on the wall. All photo’s are displayed on a screen as well as three films with women at work.

The women workers book is a beautiful bundle of contributions of nearly 40 women, which were at work with much pleasure at the steel company from 1950 until today . These are very personal stories and experiences of female employees in various  functions and different periods, who played their part at Hoogovens, Corus and at present Tata Steel.

They tell their stories as female employees in a typical man’s world.

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