Discover the place

Discover the place in the Museum Hoogovens
Are you between 4 and 12 years? Come to the  ontdekplek. This is a place where you have 100 things to do.
When you discover Locality masonry houses with real stones. In a soap bubble or a plane. Or build a skyscraper of paper. A dam built in streams of water or do experiments with light and color. There are so many activities that there is always something that you like.


Special groups

Discover The Locality also does projects for special groups. Are you not good at language, you can still best be helpful. And get bored at school because it’s all so simple? Then, the Locality Discover fun challenges. Clean hands or a moving robot that can sort marble tracks.
In the Blast Furnace Museum of steel company Corus in IJmuiden is especially for classes of primary schools Discover Locality.

Fun for the whole class one afternoon acquainted with engineering.

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For information about the possibilities at the Tata Steel Discover Spot, mail you with Harry Valkenier ( or go to
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